Ruud J to TR to D Mizzi 1 150dpi

I am sending Ruud Janssen’s letter collecting fluxform rubber stamp impressions for his archive to Denis Mizzi for forwarding to you and to David Dellafiora and to Pete Spence. I think everyone has everyone’s address except maybe yours. Can you email an update for yours to Denis at the e-address on the Cc? And please Carbon copy it through to me.
Hope you are hunky-dory and that your dory is hunky.
Best to you and your art.

Ruud J to TR to D Mizzi 2 150dpi
That bottom bit with the not yet RETOUR GECONTROLEERD with the missing bit of visual language is ultimately for Eberhard Janke in Berlin with a Mediterranean solution from off the top of Vittore Baroni’s eclectic electric head.
Can someone tell Bill Gaglione that Tony Twigg and I over the phone found something from him from one of his places in the States in the archive of the Australian National Gallery in Camemberta.