The TAM was HERE projectScannen

This project was done in the 80-ies. I documented it on: so you can have a good overview of the project. It was a typical Add & return project, where the result was exhibited in the Milkyway (Melkweg) Gallery in Amsterdam in 1985. Also I brought the collection to Ponte Nossa in Northern Italy, where I met Emilio Morandi and his family and exhibited the collection in his gallery.

As the Internet and computers came, I digitized the collection too and made the blog. Also on facebook I made a page of the project so it is now accessible to the world too. Have a look at:


The Gallery had their own magazine in which the exhibition was announced (see above), and invitations were sent out (zee below)

Scannen0002b Scannen0007

Some contributions are historic, like the one of Joki (above). One of the themes was energy and the running out of it. The move to Nuclear Energy and the effect of all of what humans are doing.


In Ponta Nossa (Italy) I also did a performance (above) which is documented too.


And also political statements since the Eastern-Germany was active in the mail-art network quite a bit. mail from DDR was a treasure in those days.