In 2005 I made a batch of postcards. Thick carton with acrylic paint. SOme I kept for my own collection, some were sent into the network. I digitized them all, so I can still share them with you. Have a look for the fluxus words at the bloig:


There is an overview of those cards and also some envelopes with specific Fluxus Wors. Also it explains for you what I consider a Fluxus Word.


The score for Fluxus Words is simple:


There are so many words that have a meaning. Try to invent a new one and give it meaning. Promote the words and get it into the head of as many others as possible.SCORE : FLUXUS WORDS
By Ruud Janssen1. Think of a new word that doesn’t exist
2. Promote it as a new word
3. Determine the meaning of the word
4. Promote the word worldwide

September 1988

The first Fluxus Word was IUOMA. I followed  this word through quite well, and it is now a wellknown word in the network.


Sometimes the cards were only visuals. I gives you the sence that you are only seeing a part of a larger picture. hat was intentional.

2005_feb2_small 2005_feb3_small

Sometimes the series has a special colour-setting. Like the ones below with the blue background and the red – yellow Fluxus Words

2005_pIX_small 2005_pLOX_small