IUOMA_Ning_2010 Math_Physics-Art_2010 Networking_Athens_2010

It is in my nature to make charts of things. Studying Physics and Mathematics only made that worse, and it results sometimes in beatiful charts that document the things I see connected. Mindmaps they are called sometimes too, and above you see a few of those that I made in the last years.

Also when designing websites I used to make the sitemaps before I started building the digital works. Some samples are also interesting to see even after all these years:

fhc0310b fhc0401a fhc0401b

The last two have additional drawings by Litsa Spahi in them. She thought out the concept for Fluxus Heidelberg Center, and I realized the digital website by make things digital.

see more at: http://www.fluxusheidelberg.org/sitemap.html