After waiting for 2 years for the LIX pen, today (May 21st 2016) it finally arrived. Just Like Spring arrived….. The LIX pen is a Kickstarter project where a firm designed a new 3D pen and after some troubles finally managed to produce it and started distributing the pen. I must say, it looks good, and it promisses to be a great tool.  Soon I will be able to test it and show you the results. Also, when there are problems, I will tell you how it is. I have been working a lot with 3D pens, so will be able to compare. Here are some photos of the unpacking of the LIX pen…..

2016-05-21 12.56.02 2016-05-21 12.57.58 2016-05-21 12.58.06 2016-05-21 12.58.13 2016-05-21 13.02.19 2016-05-21 13.02.24 2016-05-21 13.02.40