This new IUOMA blog is now one year old.  It isn’t like the other blogs that I keep. This one is hosted on the IUOMA.ORG domain itself and it the linking-pin to all the other informations. When you see the menu, you can access lots of other websites too, and also I have published all mail-interviews on this blog as well. That way this is the fastest growing Blog I keep now and actually the basis for the TAM-Archive and other collections.

When you are looking for specific things, there is a SEARCH button in the menu, where you can look for the specific articles. Als because this blog is a main DNS name, it is indexed quite well, and through Google and other search engines you can find the details easily. I watch the statistics through Google Analytics, and the new part of the website is found quite well now.

Ruud Janssen, June  1st 2016.

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