Just like my father, I was born in Tilburg. In March 1946, only one year after the second worldwar, he got his diploma for working with the typewriter. He went to Breda for that, actually he went to the school in the city where I work now. And I believe this school eventually became part of the larger college I work on myself now.

In those days, using the typewriter was very modern, and knowing how to do that was important for an Office Clerk. Nowaday, I still own and use a typewriter. Not that I have a certificate, but I do treasure the certificate my father got. He was only 18 years old then.

The spelling on the diploma it typical old-Dutch. Lovery to read such a paper after so many years.

We had another person from the family that died recently, so that makes you look back on your own history as well. My father got some more diplomas after he got back from 2 years in Indonesia, where the civil war continued, and he even received a special honor for that:

SCAN1792 SCAN1793

Nice historic papers that survived the times. Before and after being a soldier my father learned further and got these two papers:

SCAN1797 SCAN1798

And he got a job too. Office Clerck at Hovers Constructie B.V. in Tilburg, where he worked for 27 years untill the office got bankrupt and he had a difficult time. He got a new job, and things went great until they diagnosed cancer when he was still very young. In 1976 he died, and I at that time I was only 16 years old.