A mail art approach to artistamps making
By Ruud Janssen , October 2011
Mail Art is a funny thing. When you discover about this network a complete process starts to change your life. Not a standard change. It is different for everybody. When you go with the flow that the network brings you one way or the other brings you the knowledge of the artistamps. You will discover that mail-artists also design and create their own postage and just stick that on envelopes and postcards too.
Mail-Artists tend to want to try all things they encounter too. When they get mail they start to send out mail. When they see rubberstamps are used, they want their own rubber too. And seeing those artistamps, well that triggers the thoughts of how to do that yourself too.
There are many ways to make artistamps. I remember seeing an exhibition of the works by Donald Evans (Donald Evans was an American artist (1945