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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active.

Incoming from Richard Canard – USA (sep 2017)

A fine card again from Richard Canard who send his cards on a regular basis. This time also mentioning Trashpo.I agree with Richard, we keep on doing Mail-Art without knowing why….. I made the photo’s of his card right outside the Postal Office (actually a copy shop wher PostNL has a place for input and output). The neighbors are an Art-Gallery, and that gives some nice effects to this mail-art card for sure.



Outgoing to De Villo Sloan (USA) – September 16th 2017

Because I know De Vilo Sloan now for quite some time, I always like to surprise him with some new mailings that I also document. Normally I don’t publish the straight away on facebook of the IUOMA network, because he is there too and the surprise would be spoiled. This blog isn’t often visited by the network. It is more of an archive that is picked up by Google and hopefully will stay alive longer since I pay for the hostig myself and use the main domain name http://www.iuoma.org which is already quite old.

For the letter to him I use a print of an in-between version of a drawing I made. Because I scan the works I make, and also save in-between versions, thay are pinted out also, and used as a writing paper like this. I stamped randomly some words in it to add to the letter and used a bit the chaos-theory where the colour was more important then the words.

The large “appoved’ stamp I used to set the date as well, but I already did that when I used the working typewriter I have here in Breda when I started writing the note to De Villo Sloan. The envelope this letter goes into is an acrylic painted envelope. Will fit nicely in the collection De Villo already has of me. Somehow I like it to when the envelopes are a bit concentrated on several places.