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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active.

How to make a synthesis assay


How to make a synthesis assay

Are the  before dawn when you have to write an essay of synthesis for a class or an exam. Unfortunately, you have no idea what a essay summary, much less how to write one. Do not be afraid, I am here to help! A synthesis assay takes ideas and information from multiple sources to form a coherent whole. Continue to step 1 to start learning how to write an essay of synthesis.

It understands the concept of a synthesis assay. The purpose of a trial is to synthesis revealing connections between parts of one or multiple works in order to present and support ultimately a statement about a topic. In other words, when you research a topic, for example : ART, you should have information about art academic papers, you will look for connections that can become a solid perspective on it. Different types of assays synthesis can be categorized as follows:

  1. Synthesis of argument: this type of essay has a solid thesis statement that presents the point of view of the writer. Organized logically relevant information from research to support the point of view of the thesis. White papers business known as status reports often take this format. This is the kind of synthesis assay that students write an exam.

Review: often written as a preliminary to a synthesis of argument essay, a critical essay is a discussion of what has been written previously on the subject, with a critical analysis of the sources covered.

Explanatory background or synthesis: This type of essaying helps readers understand a subject categorizing the facts and presenting them to promote understanding of the reader. It does not propose a particular point of view and, if you have a thesis statement, this is weak. Some white business books take this format, although it is more likely to have a view, albeit discreet.

2. Choose an appropriate subject for an essay of synthesis. Your topic must be broad enough to gather several sources related, but not enough to bring together widely divergent sources. If you have a free choice of subject, some preliminary reading can help you decide what you want to write. However, if you are writing an essay of synthesis for a class, you may be assigned a topic or you have to choose from a list and still in case of doubt and help always prefer https://www.advancedwriters.com

Example of a broad topic reduced to a reasonable subject for an essay of synthesis rather the overall theme of social networks, you can discuss your views on the effects that text messages have had on the Spanish language.

3. Choose your sources carefully and read. If you’re going to take an examination, in some cases you provide sources.

4. Your thesis is the main idea presented in the trial. Should include the issue and declare your opinion about it. It should be presented as a complete sentence.

5. Reread your sources to find pieces that support your thesis. Check your sources and select quotations, statistics, ideas and key facts to support your thesis. You will use throughout your essay.

If you plan to take a statement of opposition to your mind and find inconsistencies in it, you should also find some quotes that contradict your thesis statement and plan ways to refute them.

New IUOMA membership Cards 2016-2017

Soon the new cards will be ready and will be sent out. The order went out just now. This blogposting is the only posting about the cards I will be doing, so eventually we will see what the sending out of the cards will bring.

Schermafdruk 2016-03-19 09.23.49

There is a long history about the membership cards for IUOMA. It started back in 1988 and not every year a card was produced. Also designs from others were used sometimes, and in a special group:


I even try others to make designs too, but not always succesfull. Anyhow….. A new card is in the making, and the cards are for 2016-2017 and will soon hit the network. Some will collect the cards for sure, and these will become historical time marks for the future of the IUOMA. Too much is going on digitally, but what will last is the hardcopies and lots of digital information scattered in the cloud.

Schermafdruk 2016-03-19 09.23.56

By the way; it will be funny when someone reacts for the first time about the English and Dutch variation of the word Ship and Schip.  The dutch word Schip means boat, and the cards are sailing into the world. Also the c filts well for the word CHIP, since we are doing so much online these days.

Multimedia in progress

In 2 months I will be doing two workshops for teachers that work at a college. I will sow them the ways to use a 3D pen and also let them think on how to use it with their students. For the occasion I will have access to lots of 3D pens, so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

For my art I am testing a few things. This afternoon I made some letters with the 3D pen that have become objects. I placed them on a scanner to make an color-copy of the letters. On that result I put again the original letters and took a digital photo of that on my working table. Next step is to put that image on some places online, like Facebook, IUOMA Network and some ‘pataphiscal platforms, and now also on this www.iuoma.org website.

So from idea to plastic to a color-copy into a digital photo and now going into that digital worlds. Multimedia for sure.

2016-02-07 17.55.49

At the workshops I will probably let the teachers first make a letter of their choice to let them test the 3D pens and to see if they get the idea.  We will collect the letters and will try to make a word of it that guides them into the next assignment. It will be an interactive workshop for sure.

Maybe they should make a cup to to put the letters in:

2016-02-08 13.52.35

New machinery from the previous century

2015-11-10 18.31.16

After getting lots of fountain pens which whom I write daily, I recently got some typewriters for the collection I will work in for the production of my art. The last one was built in the 60-ies and comes from Eastern Germany. The first tests are good. I have to do some cleaning and after n ew inkroles arrive first letters will be typed. It is a typical performance to use these machines in the time of computers.

2015-11-12 19.54.16

The Boring Group on Facebook


For some time now I am exploring the world of Facebook.Have a working profile there, a public profile, a College profile, and lots of groups to reach people online.

One group has a special purpose. People sometimes are bored, and then look for a specific group to pay attention for. The Boring Group is successful. Just have a look at the link:


And when you want to see my public profile on Facebook, just go to:


And like me if you like. You will then get messages through facebook whenever there is news.

TAM was HERE project by Ruud Janssen

The TAM was HERE projectScannen

This project was done in the 80-ies. I documented it on: http://tamwashere.blogspot.nl/ so you can have a good overview of the project. It was a typical Add & return project, where the result was exhibited in the Milkyway (Melkweg) Gallery in Amsterdam in 1985. Also I brought the collection to Ponte Nossa in Northern Italy, where I met Emilio Morandi and his family and exhibited the collection in his gallery.

As the Internet and computers came, I digitized the collection too and made the blog. Also on facebook I made a page of the project so it is now accessible to the world too. Have a look at: https://www.facebook.com/tamwashere


The Gallery had their own magazine in which the exhibition was announced (see above), and invitations were sent out (zee below)

Scannen0002b Scannen0007

Some contributions are historic, like the one of Joki (above). One of the themes was energy and the running out of it. The move to Nuclear Energy and the effect of all of what humans are doing.


In Ponta Nossa (Italy) I also did a performance (above) which is documented too.


And also political statements since the Eastern-Germany was active in the mail-art network quite a bit. mail from DDR was a treasure in those days.


The award of incompleteness – Sweden – 2014

2014-03-01 08.11.09 2014-03-01 08.11.33 2014-03-01 08.12.36 2014-03-01 08.12.51 2014-03-01 08.13.23 Award-of-incompleteness-610x374 CIMG8791 CIMG8807

In 2014 I received this wonderful prize from Sweden. See for all the details their website:


Ruud Janssen<br /><br /><br />
Fluxus artist, Netherlands

Ruud Janssen is a fluxus artist engaged in mail art. He is the founder of IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists), and he also led the way for art on the internet. His outbursts of creativity colored the whole digital revolution – since 1996 we’ve been able to see his artistic work on the web and we are still able to follow his new mail art thanks to his blog.

By using the intermedia network Fluxus he also conducted original interviews with fantastic people from all corners of the world.

Thank you for all your letters Ruud – here is a gift in return from us!

Mail-Art statements 2013 – by Ruud Janssen

Some new statements in 2013 where published as a .PDF file too. New ideas  you can see and read at:


They are new compared to the milenium statements, which are accesible at:


This set is more historical. I wrote them in 1999 when the year 2000 was coming closer and a new meillenium was approaching. An unique event for us then, but it seems so far away now.

Writing letters with a 3D Pen – Ruud Janssen

2015-01-11 17.36.01 2015-01-11 17.36.03 2015-01-11 17.36.06 2015-01-11 17.36.12

Experimenting with the 3D pen resulted in an interesting collection of objects. I also like to call it ‘writing letters’ because the objects are letters or even envelopes. To document the findings I also wrote two articles that are formally published. have a look at them to read:



These are .PDF files, so you can print or save them if you like.