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“The Eye Catcher’s Friend” – 3D work by Ruud Janssen

2016-07-09 18.25.42

“The Eye Catcher” was the name of the object I made last week with a MiRywell 3D pen.  I used several colours of ABS plastics to make it. Today I made “The Eyecatcher’s Friend”, another object made with the 3D pen, this time black, grey, white, brown, gold and Beige PLA plastics. The connection is there since the first object has the nodes to detect, and the other object is sending all these signals.

Will try to make a few better photos when there is sunlight.


Mail-Art to Magreet Dolman – Amsterdam

A historic piece of Mail-Art. A small soft plasti ball, sent to Magreet Dollman, a moderator of the national TV who did a live show and reacted to comments. I sent her this piece of mail-Art and she showed it and commented on it on National TV. Milions saw a piece of mail-art, bur probably forgot. I documented the sending, so that is what is left.


Sent in 1991 to Dutch National TV show on VPRO Television in Hilversum.



Lix Pen returned to Brussels

Schermafdruk 2016-06-07 18.14.00

The sad story of the LIX pen. It never worked, and they asked me to send it back to their office in Brussels. I sent it with track and trace, so I know they signed for delivery on June 7th. Three days later no e-mail or message from them. They are not that communicative.  Not sure if I will ever get a working LIX pen in my hands.

Testing the LIX pen

Tried to test my LIX 3D pen today (May 28th 2016), but it wasn’t succesful. All I managed was to start the pen, see a strange green colour filament come out. Insert black filament that never came out…………   Strange noises from the motor. So not a working pen at all.

2016-05-28 16.15.27

1. Green filament came out when I started (what is done with the pen?).  Seems it was used before.

2. Black ABS Fillament was inserted, but nothing came out. Motor made funny noises and when black filament was completely inside, nothing came out. The lenght of the Filament sticks is longer then the pen, so somethings went wrong for sure!

3. Getting out Fillament succeeded (pushing both buttons), but a piece was still inside, Also the filament stick was tormented, and the motor must have done that.

4. Retried loading it a few times (always with a clean stick of filament), but it doesn t work.

5. One of the black buttons came off, and I was able to but it back in place, but it seems to jam now and then (fault construction)

2016-05-28 16.15.34

6. After four attempts I gave up. I made a photo of the sticks as they are damaged after the attempt to insert them.  Never something of the filament came out, so the extruder must be jamed, or have a fault construction. Anyhow, I wasn’t able to draw anything 3D.

2016-05-28 16.15.58

What is the next step? Can they deliver a working pen? If I return this not-working pen, how do I know they are able to send me a working pen. So far I read about more people with the same experience. I have 3D pens from other brands that work fine for hours. Theirs didn’t yet do anything……. And the design if wonderfull, the feeling of holding the pen os good. The push buttons are not constructed right, and the main thing: it doesn’t work……….

best wishes,

Ruud Janssen
General-President IUOMA

(this is a public version of the message I sent to the LIX team. As you can read I am very dissapointed since I wasn’t able to work at all with this 3D pen. Will keep you informed on the next steps. See also some comments with latest details)