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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active.

New Book by John Held Jr. – USA

A new book for 2020 is sceduled by John Held Jr. (USA). Book Title: Archiving Advanced Art, ISBN #: 978-1-79482-552-9. Published by TAM-Publications. You can order your copy at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/iuoma

mail-interview with John Held Jr. – USA (Part 2 – San Francisco)

THE MAIL-INTERVIEW WITH JOHN HELD JR. (PART-2) (the SAN FRANSISCO period) 68 Started on 2-5-1996 RJ : Well John, I think it is time now to start the second part of our interview. During the first part of the interview you were living in Dallas, and now you are already some time in San Francisco. How big is the difference between Dallas and San Francisco? Reply on 25-5-1996 JH :.. Read More

mail-interview with John Held Jr. – USA (Part 1 in Dallas)

This interview was done in 1995 by Ruud Janssen. It is possible to spread this information to others, but for publications you will have to get permission from TAM and the interviewed person! Enjoy reading this interview. MAIL-INTERVIEW WITH JOHN HELD JR. PART 1 TAM-PUBLICATIONS TAM950095 THE MAIL-INTERVIEW WITH JOHN HELD JR. (PART 1) Started on: 3-11-1994 RJ : Welcome to this mail-interview. First let me ask you the traditional.. Read More