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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active.

The new IUOMA blog

This new IUOMA blog is now one year old.  It isn’t like the other blogs that I keep. This one is hosted on the IUOMA.ORG domain itself and it the linking-pin to all the other informations. When you see the menu, you can access lots of other websites too, and also I have published all mail-interviews on this blog as well. That way this is the fastest growing Blog I.. Read More

My Blogs – Ruud Janssen

On Blogger I have lots of Blogs. Here is a complete overview of one of my accounts: Ruud Janssen – IUOMA & TAM TAM-PUBLICATIONS TAM_and_RUUD_Fin… Mail Interviews by Ruud Janssen Fluxlist Painted CD’s by Ruud Janssen TAM Rubberstamp Archive Fluxus Heidelberg Center BLOG Tomato Times TAM was here – A Mail-Art Project 1983-1986 Fluxus Poetry Blog Ongoing Interview with Ruud Janssen Alphabet Booklets Statistical Data FLUXUS WORDS the title we.. Read More

Explaining the concept of this blog

This new blog actually should be the central point of all my digital activities. So links to all blogs and websites that I already have and are still alive. beside that also blog-postings to major places and activities that I am involved in. Only one goal and that is to make the information better accesible. The Internet turnes into a chaos without good structures, and I am just trying to.. Read More

Update of the new BLOG – June 13th 2015

The Menu structure has now been created. More texts from the old website will follow soon. Already 3 complete mail-interviews are online now, and the complete other set will follow too. The search button works, so you can look things up. Also I will document a selection of outgoing mail-art and incoming mail-art on this blog. The main link to the IUOMA network at NING is also there. That is.. Read More