The Fluxus Word IUOMA
By Ruud Janssen

When people enter the Mail Art network, there is a world for them to discover. A lot of aspects, techniques, communication forms and even platforms that bring an overload of information. Fluxus and Mail-Art are not the same. Fluxus is the network started with George Maciunas and that led through another thought to the mail-art network where artists communicate and send and receive their art in a direct way. No need for an in-between contact. Also no judging of the works. All is accepted in a mail-art project. The network always attracts new people. Once you stumble upon a part of this network, you search begins. What is this Mail-Art all about?
On this search they might discover Fluxus and IUOMA, two aspects that are somewhere connected is a strange way. The IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists) started in 1988 as a kind of Fluxus Score. The original score is placed besides this text and deals with the inventing and making known new words. Well, IUOMA is such a word that has grown over the years into a union that has thousands of