2015-06-27 17.21.47

Three outgoing envelopes with in it colour copies (double sided) of the received Fluxus Rubberstamp Sheets from John M. Bennett (USA), Lancillotto Bellini (Italy) and R.F. Cote (Canada).  They all worked on two sheets and as thanks get back a new one and a handmade copy with additiond of the one they sent in.

More details about this project you find at: http://fluxusrubberstamps.blogspot.nl/

2015-06-27 17.21.51

The Fluxus Rubberstamp Sheets are a special collection inside the TAM Rubberstamp Archive and contains large sheets where Fluxus or Fluxus related artists. They aren’t exhibited yet, but that will happen some day too. Also I plan to make a special book with them to show both sides of the sheets.

2015-06-27 17.21.57

Here is the sheet that R.F. Coté (Canada) sent back:

SCAN1197 SCAN1198