THE MAIL-INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT ROCOLA                                                            55

Started on: 3-11-1995

RJ :      Welcome to this mail-interview. First let me ask you the traditional question. When did you get involved in the mail-art network?

Reply on 13-11-1995

RR :     Thank you for writting to me. I’ll do this as art with you – “networking” doesn’t interest me.

(Robert Rocola returned the invitation as a collage. Besides a color-xerox and some stamps, he also wrote the following text under it:)

1965-66 with Ray Johnson. 1979 – on 5 or 6 people at a time. I hate the mail art network.

RJ :      Why do you hate the mail art network? What is wrong with it?

(together with the next question I sent to Robert Rocola some info’s on Ray Johnson and some other mail art materials. The question together with the small texts as a reply to my question I printed on red paper).

Reply on 22-11-1995

RR :     Ruud, thank you for the Ray color piece and MM env. The return add-on + everything. I’ll send you the #50 catalog for happy nine 61X ciao too – RobZ

(Together with his answer RR sent some bits and pieces in the envelope. Some were inserted in two closed envelopes he put inside the envelope with his small text. Were these pieces a sample of why he hates the mail art network?)

RJ :      Do you get a lot of junk through the mail?

Reply on 2-12-1995

(As the answers before Robert Rocola sent a visual reply. He gave some short comments on the things & texts I sent to him and included some visuals).

RR :     (see also paper with his reaction!) This IS junk mail. “Some thoughts about (E-) Mail art part-4” It would take 15 min. to read that – “I have to be someplace in 15 min.” – just kidding. Thanks for BANK NOTES

You answered too quick – a postcard followed with an answer, of sorts. Beau-regards, RobZ

(Robert used a part of the text to get my address on his envelope. He also made a collage of the photo of the envelope I mail a previous mailing in. The Bank notes are the fluxus bucks I designed for Ex Posto Facto and am distributing with my outgoing mail. He already informed me before that he would react visual to my questions. For the next question I included Anna Banana’s interview and some more pieces of art & texts)

RJ :      Answering sometimes takes its time, but sometimes this time is relative. When I feel a question coming up, I send it. Glad you liked the bank notes. What means money to an artist, in this case you?

* the interview stops, Rocoloa obviously doesn’t like a text-version of the interview, so our correspondence changed into a correspondance. Probably I will make a booklet out of that. Wrote about that to Robert on 4-1-1996 and again end may 1996. I am not sure if he likes the idea as he makes a habit of insulting me and in the same letter write some nice words.

Address mail-artist:

Robert Rocola,

7911 Geary Blvd

San Francisco

CA 94121-1532