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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active.

Add and Pass for the MoMa – What is new?

Added a hardcopy Bitcoin to this paper and also some traditional values. Symbolic for the new ways for mail-art that old and new are now integrating and we don’t know which way things are heading. Will be funny to find out where this paper will travel too…… And what kind of traces are on it. I left a few of mine and now digitized it. The network will tell if it is still alive and kicking (or not).

Outgoing to Picasso Gaglione – USA

I promissed Picasso Gaglione in USA some time ago to send him some prints of found rubberstamps. So this is the first start to keep that promis. As usual a decorated enveloppe and inside some small surprises for Picasso which I won’t spoil to much in this blog.  Just one detail I will show here and that is a part of a few works I stamped for him:

Family Roots – Van Herpt in Tilburg

This photo was always hanging on the wall at my mothers place.  She herself is on the photo together with most of her brothers and sisters and also her parents, so my grandparents.  My mothers name: Riet van Herpt, my fathers name: Herman Janssen. So I got my father’s name as it is usual.  The van Herpt family side on this photo (my mother) is now almost gone. Last week I went to the funeral of my uncle, Sjef van Herpt, and with his death at age of 89 (on May 1st he would become 90), only one uncle (and brother of my mother) is now still alive.

This is the proud photo of the van Herpt family. My grandfather was a builder, and het built his own house for the family. He grounded the firm in 1928, and it was active till 1968. The Tongerlose Hoefstraat has a lot of memories connected to my grandfather. Have no memories of him though since he died too jung. But he left a lot of traces which i treasure.

Here below another photo that hung on the wall at my mothers place: the brothers and sisters (one is not on the photo) in Tilburg.