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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active.

TAM Rubberstamp Archive – beginning Years


In the first years of collecting prints of Rubberstamos, I also kept a list of all the contributors, and sent a print of that list to participants.That way the network grew and the mail-artists knew who was using rubberstamps. They also could contact eachother. Besides the address list, there were also pages in it with reprints of the rubberstamps that came in.  This booklet grew over the years and is in many hiostoric collections. In the middle of the 90-ies these bookles became more professional.

11025912_10203801294175117_6177878584658608892_o 11026009_10203801296375172_93357823767269070_n

Below you find a sample of how the newest booklets looked like:

RSA_960157 rsa_aug96 rsa_may96 RSA-doca

Recycling of Mail by Terry Reid

Ruud J to TR to D Mizzi 1 150dpi

I am sending Ruud Janssen’s letter collecting fluxform rubber stamp impressions for his archive to Denis Mizzi for forwarding to you and to David Dellafiora and to Pete Spence. I think everyone has everyone’s address except maybe yours. Can you email an update for yours to Denis at the e-address on the Cc? And please Carbon copy it through to me.
Hope you are hunky-dory and that your dory is hunky.
Best to you and your art.

Ruud J to TR to D Mizzi 2 150dpi
That bottom bit with the not yet RETOUR GECONTROLEERD with the missing bit of visual language is ultimately for Eberhard Janke in Berlin with a Mediterranean solution from off the top of Vittore Baroni’s eclectic electric head.
Can someone tell Bill Gaglione that Tony Twigg and I over the phone found something from him from one of his places in the States in the archive of the Australian National Gallery in Camemberta.