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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active.

mail-interview with Emmett Williams – by Judith A. Hoffberg in 1998

UMBRELLA /mar98 – by Judith A Hoffberg INTERVIEW WITH EMMETT WILLIAMS: FLUXUS ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE   On the occasion of an extraordinary exhibition curated by Paul Schimmel over the past eight years at the Museum of Contemporary Art entitled “Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object, 1949-1979” and the ancillary event called “Beyond the Pink” which brought performance artists from all over the world to Los Angeles, I had the.. Read More

mail-interview with Judith A. Hoffberg – USA

THE MAIL-INTERVIEW WITH JUDITH A. HOFFBERG- USA 52 – unfinished Started on: 29-8-1995 RJ : Welcome to this mail-interview. First let me ask you the traditional question. When did you get involved in the mail-art network? Reply on 4-10-1995 JH : It is hard to remember exactly when I did get involved in the mail-art network. I remember visiting with Ulises Carrion & Aart in Amsterdam, working with them on.. Read More