The MAIL INTERVIEW newsletter

(Original Newsletter as published in 2001 to document this long-time project)
Exploring MAIL ART and the new ways of communication:


The Mail Interview project started in 1994. This is the newsletter that explains the History, the process, and to be short all important aspects of the project.

ISSUE: December 2001

This Mail-Interview project in fact is the investigation, to find out why others do MAIL ART, how they started and how the new communication-forms affect the way the mail artists work. This newsletter is updated several times a year, so the text is changed when something new happens with the project.

The Mail Interview project started in October 1994. I remember reading a copy of an interview published in the magazine ND, and was very interested in the story the mail artists were telling. Only a few hours later I decided to start some interviews myself. Not in the traditional way